“Sound Tree” Art Video Collaboration

Sound Tree

The First collaborative art video from Art Pack Project is “Sound Tree”. The Basis of this project is to create a artistic short video that captures the beauty of your favorite tree and the beauty of the sounds the tree makes. You can also hang a wind chime in the tree that you make yourself or already have. The focus of the video should be on the tree and not on the surrounding sounds or people talking. Get the most artistic shot you can imagine, set up a mount of some kind to hold the phone/camera still and then just watch and listen. Submit your HD art piece and Art Pack Project will put all the videos together to make one collaborative art video.

– The Videos should be 1 to 2 minutes long and shot at a HD quality.                   

– Videos should be shot in Landscape, which means you hold the phone / camera sideways, not up and down. 

– Send your video to projectartpack@gmail.com

– Video will be shown via social media (Youtube, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram …..etc)

– All ages

– Deadline: TBT

– The project will try and include all entries

– The “Sound Tree” project will need at least 8 submissions

– Credit will be given for each videographer.

– Please feel free to post your video on your favorite social media platform #artpackproject or @artpackproject and let us now about the post.

– If you can not upload video to your computer to send to Art Pack Project, try using the Google Drive app to upload video to your Google Drive. Once the video has been uploaded to your computer, open gmail compose a new email and select the Drive icon from the attachment popup window. Attach the video and send it off to projectartpack@gmail.com

Art Video : Wikipedia 

Sample entry Video

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